Blogging about the spirit of material things

This is a blog where I share the things that I try. Experiences, people, objects all have a hindu spirit.

I will be your Virtual Assistant for 3 hours for $5


I will be your Virtual Assistant for 3 hours for $5

Top Quality Virtual Assistant is here for all your administrative office needs!! for Only $5.
The services I provide are:

  1. Data Entry of any kind
  2. Email Response Handling
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Web Research
  5. Existing Article Editing
  6. Document converting -”converting from one format to another”,
  7. Post ads / content online.
  8. Content writing for your website.
  9. Blog writing
  10. Creating presentations in…

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Telling people about your tastes in cartoons


Telling people about your tastes in anime



"I think it’s all right"  - and we agree!

Undercover Aguila in Enemy Lands


On Football Rivalries

It’s been a long time since I visited Mexico and have had more than one friend here in the city. This year has been different. A very good friend of mine form Vancouver is currently living in Mexico City.

It’s been great having more than one person here to hang out with. I…